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Best Catalogue Photographer in India

For the purpose of promoting, the product companies have been using catalogues for years now. In the last couple of decades, the importance of catalogue photography in Delhi has gained quite a significant prominence and so has the demand for catalogue photographers. The simple reason being the products photographed in catalogues have to be distinct, unique and eye-catching as they becomes the first reference point for the consumer.


The photos being used in a catalogue needs to speak volumes about themselves without overwhelming the viewer. Catalogues are no longer looking for photographers that represent the “on your face” attributes. A well-presented catalogue would much rather have the best catalogue photography which would be able to demonstrate the USP of the products in a subtle manner.

In catalogue photography in Mumbai, the photographer has to bear in mind that the product can showcase its captivating features in the frame. Hence, it is necessary to consider the following points when selecting a catalogue photographer:

  • History of the photographer

  • The portfolio showcasing the catalogue pictures

  • The response of his clients

  • The cost per photo shoot


While there is no dearth either in talented top catalogue photographers or catalogue photography studio in India, VG Studios offer one of the best catalogue photography services in the cities of Surat, Mumbai and Ludhiana. At VG studios we acknowledge that catalogue photography in Surat is a multi-disciplinary specialised field of photography that requires the photographer to have in-depth knowledge of the specific requirements for making the photographs of the catalogue alluring. A top catalogue photographer in Ludhiana will have knowledge about the kind of setting, theme, and models that a catalogue would require to showcase the product well enough - so that it can boost the sales.


At VG Studios in Surat, Mumbai, and Ludhiana we do offer both straightforward product shots and concept-based photography for catalogues. Straightforward catalogue photography is less costly and easy to shoot compared to a conceptually designed catalogue of photographs, but it will lack the capacity to stand out and create a lasting impression on the consumer. Hence to have the best catalogue photography, a photographer requires a state-of-the-art catalogue photography studio like VG Studios; where the products are presented in such a way, that the photograph appeals to the intended audience.


In catalogue photography, almost any products can be included. However, there are a few important guidelines that the best professional catalogue photographers follows to ensure that the shots demonstrate the essence of the product. In VG Studios of Surat, Mumbai, and Ludhiana the catalogue photography is customised as per the client’s requirement and the product. Our catalogue photographers follow a strict standard in the five primary areas to ensure the best results.


  1. Lighting: This is of vital significance in catalogue photography, because poor light will make the product look inferior and the photograph look amateur. The photographer will decide the source and the kind of lighting depending on the product. For example, organic food will look good in natural light,-when shot outside, whereas a beach fashion would be good on a bright sunny day. Using artificial light and flashes has to be done with caution and a great understanding of the lighting.


  1. Background:  A background would be such that it will enhance the product instead of distracting the attention of the viewer from the main item. Most professional catalogue photographers either use white, or clean background or create a great depth of field by using a wide aperture to make the product stand out.



  1. Camera equipment: For a professional and best catalogue photography a photographer needs some specific camera equipment like special macro lens and tripod. A macro lens is specially designed to capture product in far more close up than normal lenses. A tripod provides stability to the camera and captures clear shots.


  1. Composition: Composing the product image in the correct way would help in getting the attention of the viewer on the product instead of distracting. A professional catalogue photographer often uses the rule of the third principle to create the composition of the photograph for a catalogue.



  1. Post-Processing: To achieve the goal of having the best photographs for a catalogue the use of various software to enhance the image, removing any imperfections and adjusting the exposure is quite important.


In India, many international brands get their catalogue photography done, which demonstrates that there is no dearth of talented catalogue photographers in India.  At VG Studios we cater to high profile clients in catalogue photography and our work is of international standard.